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You and I are impossible
Don’t ask why, we’re impossible
Every day, a new obstacle
When we stay together

It’s too impractical
Our love’s just too theatrical
But this play is unwatchable
It’s not only impractical
It’s impossible

Licking your elbow
Training a penguin to fly
Clapping one-handed
Or factoring pi
All are implausible, but you and I are

Truth be told, we’re impossible
Our love’s cold as a popsicle
Let’s just fold, we’re impossible
As a troll sunbathing
In a hospital

For alas! You’re irascible
Like the Styx is uncrossable
Or crevasses impassable
You’re impossible

Breeding a mule with another
Perpetual motion or
Not turning into your mother
Dancing en pointe without any legs
Unburning toast
Uncracking eggs
Teaching a yak to be fluent in Greek
Time-travelling back to the previous week
Sneezing eyes open while taking a leak
None of these is so absurdly uniquely

You were once so caressable
It was just inexpressible
Is the reason unguessable
That we’re so unredressable
I would have a lobectomy
Live stream my colonoscopy
If that’s what you’d expect of me
If you wouldn’t be lost to me
If I begged you come back to me
Any chance you’d say… possibly?
Can’t you please just say… possibly?

I just know that we’re possible
Odds are low but still possible
Don’t let go if it’s possible

Lauren London - vocals

Copyright 2019 Zach London