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Didja Know / Doncha Know 

Dear Friends,

The Hard Taco song for May is called, "Family Curse," and it's an instant classic. (As opposed to "Classic Instant," which describes Folger's coffee without any cream or sugar.")

For this month's Hard Taco digest, I'm bringing back an old feature called "Didja know? / Doncha know?" There's one DK/DK fact for every day of the month, so you can learn new things between Wordles.

May 1:
Didja know? The reason some people put a horizontal line through the number 7 and letter Z is that they didn't mean to write them and don't have an eraser.

May 2:
Doncha know? The tradition of shaking hands started as a way to check if the other person was Jesus and was currently nailed to a cross.

May 3:
Didja know? NASA claims to have lost communication with the Mars Rover Curiosity in 2021, but really, they just drifted apart as NASA started spending more time with Perseverance and stopped responding to Curiosity's texts.

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