Down the Wrong Pipe

Hard Taco's latest full album project "Down the Wrong Pipe" (2006) is available for purchase!

  • Down the Wrong Pipe/ Come Lady Fair
  • Give Up the Kibble
  • O Lover Drowned Lover
  • The Sewing Circle Kills Again
  • The Only Serious Thing
  • Surfin' Savant
  • Margot Dupris
  • King Trucker
  • Dovetails
  • We All Die Young
  • Going to Coronado
  • Down the Wrong Pipe (Royalty Mix)

Run, don't walk, to the nearest record store right now! Now turn around and run back home again! Now you've burned off enough calories so that you can sit and listen to this CD a few times and not gain too much weight. The dazzlingly new album, "Down the Wrong Pipe," is guaranteed to be as loveable as your own children, and as magnificent as that necklace of human ears you made in Vietnam. As usual, the price is lung-shatteringly low!

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