There, There

Hard Taco's album "There, There" (2007) is available for purchase!

  • Air Guitar Playing Baby
  • The Funny Wagon
  • Not Really a Bear
  • Only Girl at the Sci-Fi Convention
  • The March of the Elephant and the Bee
  • Let's Dig Up Harry
  • Lady Sawbones
  • Stairwell of Bended Knees
  • Egg Came First
  • Mouf Breavah
  • Maggie and Midge
    i. Jolly Jack Aristocrats
    ii. Doffe Shoppe Girl
    iii. Prime Minister
    iv. Caeser and Ouizer
  • Truer Than a Teardrop

The Hard Taco's 10th full length CD, "There There," is here and it is ready for public consumption, misuse, and general soaking up. A colleague recently asked me why I still release CD's every year, despite the fact that most contemporary music aficionados get all of their music online in MP3 form. Well, you can't use the reflective surface of an MP3 to signal a passing plane or temporarily blind a would-be rapist, can you You can't tie a piece of string to an MP3 covered with two-sided tape, and use it to go fishing for cash/money while hovering over a bank vault that has no ceiling, can you And you most definitely cannot cut off your hand and serve it on an MP3 to a jilted lover with a note that says, "You already ate my heart for breakfast. Why not have my hand for lunch Also, I really dig track 4. Check it out if you have a chance (after you 're done eating my hand)."