Jupiter the Balloon Horse

Hard Taco presents: The Triumphant Return of Jupiter the Balloon Horse (2008 release).

  • Jupiter
  • Stella
  • Lay Down Paul Revere
  • Our First Dollar
  • Girls Are So Neat
  • Fortress of Lovingkindness
  • Les Cavernes Perigord
  • Bioluminescent Bear
  • Fire Chief
  • Oslo
  • Moderate Rock
  • The First Three Wars
  • Only a Man
  • There, There, There

Jupiter the Balloon Horse
Hard Taco's freshest, moddest (as in, "most mod") full-length CD, "Jupiter the Balloon Horse," has dropped. Having this album is such a good idea, it is now widely accepted to be the gold standard by which all other good ideas are based. To help put this context, I've developed the 10-point Having Jupiter (HJ) scale. The higher the number, the better the idea! Here's an example:

9 HJ's - Wearing a tie to a black tie party
7 HJ's - Wearing a tie to a white elephant party
3 HJ's - Bringing an elephant to a black tie party
1 HJ - Bringing a black elephant to a white elephant supremacist party

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