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I'm giving thanks because I'm feeling prosperous
So let's be the Yanks in Gloucester buying shots for the Scots
And dranks for the Latvians sitting across from us,
Get tanked in a mosque on the banks of the Bosphorus
Get sloshed on a Foster's Lager in Austria, a Boston Lager in Bosnia,
And top it off by quaffing a tankard of Slovakian bock I bought at Cost Plus
Now I will not be constantly monstrous or caustic
Nor will I be constantly consciously cautious.
And I'll drink with Hamas
Is that so preposterous
I bet when they're sauced they won't be so cross with us.
Because I swear hate stinks
So let's share great drinks
And toss back a bottle of Scotch that's older than that chip on your shoulder
Cost is no obstacle.
And when your eyes are glossed and crossed
And you're nauseous, exhausted, and lost on your way to the hostel
You can drunk dial your Hamas boss and tell him
Peace is possible.

Copyright 2016 Zach London

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