Attack Ads

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Roy: You know, in late October people start to put those things in their yards that scare the little children.

Brent: Halloween decorations

Roy: No, campaign signs!

Attack ads
I love political attack ads
Some good old stab you in the back ads
For voters on the fence
We'll help determine
Which of the vermin
They should vote against

Oh, attack ads
All vitriol, bereft of fact ads
A solid month of talking smack ads
It'll take a little luck
To make a little libel
And to rake a little muck

And soon you'll find your ratings hurtin'
'Cause we'll employ a certain
Variety of dirt in
The mud we sling
We sling

We took a thirty second spot out
To claim that you were bought out
Your exes will be brought out
But not before we trot out in our

Hack ads
Your indiscretions in the sack ads
The lies are white, your eyes are black ads
The strategy is clear
If your campaign is a bagel
We'll finagle it a smear

With attack ads
Funded in ways no one can track ads
They can't restrict our super-PAC ads
We love attack ads
We love attack ads

Rebecca Biber - piano
Matt Cameron - vocals
Lauren London - vocals
Roy Sexton - vocals
Brent Stansfield - vocals

Copyright 2015 Zach London