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Sedona, The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and I Still Hate Phoenix

Dear Friends,

The Hard Taco song for August, "Rude Hiker," was inspired by some of the people we met on our weeklong hiking trip to the Southwest.

As discussed in the most recent digest, we spent the first 24 hours in Phoenix, nursing our heat strokes and reminding ourselves that nothing good in the world has an "oe" that is pronounced "ee." Such as:

• Subpoena. Nobody every fist-pumps when they get one of these.
• Amoeba. Gastrointestinal disease AND hemorrhagic meningitis? In this economy?
• Foetus. A silly British way to spell something that's already rather nasty, if we’re being honest.

So of course, Phoenix was going to be miserable. And to top it off, the hotel we stayed at was way overpriced. If our financial system was truly based on supply and demand, Phoenix hotels would pay guests to stay there. Or at list NIX the PHOE.

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