The Shepherd's Father

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From "Hrafnkel's Saga: The Rock Opera"

Narrator: Hrafnkel road back to his house to tell everyone of Einar's death and hire a new shepherd. When word of Einar's death reached Thorbjorn, he became stricken with grief, and immediately road down to Adalbol to confront Hrafnkel.

Hrafnkel what have you done.... this abomination
You have axed to death my son
And I order compensation!

Well, now that you're here
I would like to make clear
How much killing I've done in my wondrous career
But I feel really bad for beheading your son
Now I've a killed a score
And I'll kill many more
But I've never repayed any families before
But I think I could justify helping this one
So hereby I vow
To supply you a cow
Every time that you find that your meat cellar's low!
I'll buy you a steed
Or whatever you need
And insure that your children don't bleed..Oh, no, no!

Hrafnkel what kind of deal
Are you trying to pass off
Soon as I get an appeal
I'm gonna sue your ass off

In that case you obviously consider myself your equal, and therefore we can reach no agreement. Goodbye, you pathetic old man, and remember that you were given an offer much more generous than could be expected, and you turned it down.

Narrator: Thorbjorn knew that if he wanted to even have a fighting chance at taking Hrafnkel to court, he would have to get some serious help. His brother Bjarni had a son named Sam who was a well known lawyer in the area. So Thorbjorn rode out from Adalbol towards Sam's house, and arrived there late in the afternoon.

(Josh Kennedy - drums
Josh Siegel - vocals
Anitra Brooks - vocals)

Copyright 1993 Zach London