The Shepherd's Death

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From "Hrafnkel's Saga: The Rock Opera"

Narrator: Einar worked as a shepherd for most of the year. He was a hard worked and Hrafnkel liked him. Then way day, Einar awoke to find the sheep running amok. He tried to control them, but many of them were already out of running distance. He tried to find a horse to chase them down with, but the only one he could find was Freyfaxi. He remembered Hrafnkel's oath about the horse, but decided to risk it anyway. However, when Freyfaxi came galloping back to Adabol covered with mud and dripping with sweat, Hrafnkel took his axe and rode out to the grazing fields to confront Einar.

Einar, you have disobeyed me
I said don't touch Freyfaxi
But you did anyway
Did you think that
I would turn my head
Since you've been herding sheep so well
When the horse came home
All dirty did you
Think I couldn't tell, well
I made my promise and I'll keep it
Cuz nothing good can come from men who break their promises
You have sown your seed now you must reap it
You will feel the fury of not doing what your master says
I would gladly
Have forgiven you
For such a crime that's so minute
But there were countless
Other horses and you
Took the one forbidden fruit

(Tom Kirchoffer - drums)

Copyright 1993 Zach London