The Shepherd

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From "Hrafnkel's Saga: The Rock Opera"

Einar, my son, it's as I fear
You'll have to leave the farm this year
Now that your younger brother's grown
We two can run the farm alone
I can't afford
To keep you home
You eat more than before

But father dear
Can't you see it's late on in the year
I'll never find a job unless it's volunteer

Thorbjorn: Einar:
Son, you know that I mean well
Father I know and I love you still
Why not work for Hrafnkel
It's hard to say yes, but I guess I will

Mr. Hrafnkel My name is Einar, son of Thorbjorn. I was wondering if you had any jobs available for this year.
Gwa! You ask me now. A man of your strength and standing I would have given the best job to. But now I have none left except for...
Except for
Oh, you wouldn't want it. I need a shepherd to watch my sheep and guard my prized horse, Freyfaxi.
If you give me my keep for the whole year, I'll do it.
Okay, you've got yourself a job.

(Nick Rosenberg - drums
Josh Siegel - vocals
Evan Schiff - vocals
Anitra Brooks - vocals)

Copyright 1993 Zach London