The Distant Mirror

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From "Hrafnkel's Saga: The Rock Opera"

Once upon a midnight lullaby
The land was fertile and the sky was full of hope
A world I'd like to see before I die
Through the distant mirror's eye
Sometimes sometimes I think we belong
When love was war and men were stronger than just men
So if that's right then where did we go wrong
That's the distant mirror's song
The wind to which we hum
The bandaged soldier beats his drum
And I, whoa I, I know
The call of years gone by
The sacred heart we left to die
But I, I know that time has passed the world that's fast asleep

I see your sheep
In the distant mirror
I see the clearing
And now it's so much clearer
And all that's heard
Though hearing misdirects
Reflects upon the hearer
In that distant eye

So now, can we be strong
If the strongest never stand alone
What is the cost to civilize
We call it pride cause that's our native guise

I see their eyes
In the distant mirror
But when I turn back
I see it disappear or
Just fade away
A vision draped in white
A knight that's drawing nearer
From that distant eye

(Tom Kirchoffer - drums
Anitra Brooks - vocals
Evan Schiff - vocals
Josh Siegel - vocals)

Copyright 1993 Zach London