The Benefactor

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From "Hrafnkel's Saga: The Rock Opera"

Narrator: It was at the Althing that Sam would formally press charges against Hrafnkel for killing Einar. But first, he would have to get the support of the other chieftans.

Whoa...I believe it's time
That Hrafnkel resigns his bloody throne
He...did injustice to me
A breach of conduct law does not condone
But justice can't be brought by law alone
And that is why I tell you so
I need your help to see he's overthrown're reluctant to go
Cuz all who've tried before have been disgraced
But supply me with men
I'm sure we can defeat him in this case
So let's put this oppressor in his place!
Grab your swords and grab your shields
The key is what the winner wields!

Now wait a second even if this WAS within our reach
Sam don't let this get way out of hand
And see yourself for what you are and not for what you preach
You just want his women and his land!

Sam and Thorbjorn:
Oh...the victims of that blow
We are all the victims of that blow
Oh...what you don't know
You and I are only victims...

Whoa...and I'm sure you all know
A friend who fell to Hrafnkel before
True...he's not killed all of you
But a guy like that you never know the score
Just wait until he's busting down your door
So don't just sit there on your butt
There's wrongs to right you left unwrought before.

Perhaps I can help... your cause seems worthy.

Are you a chieftan

No, but my brother is. See him lying there in that tent He has had a boil on his foot since he has got here. This morning it burst and now the core's out. Old man, I want you to go over and yank on his foot.


Yeoooow! What the heck are you doing, you old man.

There you go Thorgeir. Now you know the pain this old man feels at the loss of a kinsmen.

By gosh, Thorkel my brother you are right. And therefore it follows that I will support him with all my soldiers and with my own life. Let's go!

Narrator: When Hrafnkel got to the Althing he found it surrounded by soldiers. He fought to get in, but Thorgeir's men held him off, and the trial was a go.

I think you think you have beat me.
You call this a victory
Well we're all quite impressed
But now tell me do you really think
This trial will accomplish crap
Go ahead with your beauracracy
I'm going home to take a nap!

Narrator: So Hrafnkel and his men rode back to Adalbol to rid their minds of the nonesense going on at the Althing. But Sam had a plan. Two weeks after the Althing ended, he gathered all of his men and Thorgeir's men and rode up to a mountain above Adalbol very early in the morning, before the sun was up. There, they dismounted and ran down the hill on foot to the attack. They burst in and found Hrafnkel still in bed.

(Anitra Brooks - vocals
Josh Siegel - vocals and guitar
Tom Kirchoffer - drums
Sam Jeffries - vocals
Jim Robbins - additional shouting)

Copyright 1993 Zach London