The Battlements

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From "Beowulf: The Rock Opera"

Narrator: Unable to defeat Grendel with all of his men, Hrothgar grew sick from grief and rarely left his bed. Twelve years passed, and Grendel continued to kill anyone who went into Heorot. Until one night, word of Denmark's troubles reached Geatland, and neighboring kingdom. The strong but peace-loving king of Geatland, Hygelac, lived with his royal tribunal and his restless young nephew, Beowulf, a nobody in the Geatish court who took the news of Denmark's troubles as a seeming opportunity to make a name for himself.

The battlements yawn as the day's begun
There's villages to be crushed and battles to be won,
But my fat-ass uncle sits around all day
Staring up at the sun.
Making amends
With his diplomat friends
Am I the only normal one

I'd like to work on my physique.
I'd like to swim underwater for a half a week.
But my uncle plays checkers in bed
When instead we've got havoc to wreak.
But bloodthirsty war
Could by Hygelac's oar
If he weren't rowing up shit creek.

In Denmark the people aren't so plain...
As a matter of fact they take pride in being inhumane!
But I heard that a monster's assault
Put a halt to their waxing amain.
So the Geat life is flat
Baby I can fix that,
I'll just Carpe Daem, seize the Dane!

What, ho Wiglaf!

Yes, sir!

Get me uncle's fourteen best thanes and two full-rigged barques. We're going to Denmark!

Yes sir!

(Jon Greenlee - vocals, drums, bass, lead guitar)

Copyright 1993 Zach London