The American Pagent

Picketing the store that sold dessert in '54,
They committed crimes and now it's time that they confessed.
Poisoning our hearts with Mother Nature's body parts
If only they had Nutrasweet, the wheel, and Simplesse.

Did we live in caves before the age of electricity
When Chinese food in China often bordered authenticity
I'm not sure of that, but I have picketing to do
Now that life expectancy is higher than IQ.

We circle the lights like a parachute,
Our water wings have turned to stone
Pulling our friends in the fire as sirens drone.

Thus it had begun with every white thy will be done
Trying to follow one way signs upon revolving doors.
Thought it was D.C., but what I meant was Booker. T.
All decay we crawled away with books of hockey scores.

Kennedy was speaking and the crowd was in a hush,
Using words that probably would make Noah Webster blush.
Now their situation prompts my people to admit,
That if there is a rate race then I'm positive we're it.

We circle the lights like a parachute,
Our rubber raft has turned to lead,
Fearless of dying but a little scared of the dead.

I completed training to reheat a bowl of rice.
Yes, I'd like a cookie and a medal would be nice.
Now my car's in neutral and the chopping block is near.
I sigh and light a cigarette and shift it into gear.

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Copyright 1991 Zach London