Variety Cheese

Living with a cactus drooped over my head.
Pinned my uncle down,
Invited him to dinner 'til he bled.

In the time of the rainbow allotment
Where the Pharisees eat from an open buffet.
People from all walks of life entice you
And then dump you in a tray.
Never mind your social class, it's just a narcotic
And robotic toilet training for the gators at play.
Maybelline the Hun is just a 1-900 number away.

Variety cheese and I'll do what I please
I have houses to haunt if I want your disease.
Throw a brick through my window and watch me recoup.
The body's a wreck 'cause the hands are on deck
And the lizards are leaping to keep it in check
And I'm sick of your grin and Berlin in my soup.

Never underestimate the power of pool.
In your pantry a maiden swarming demon stripping school.

In the wings of the silicon duchess
There's a crutch in the plans of the planet of wax.
Non-organic monorail, a race of choo-choo's trailing off their tracks.
So the regimentarian parents
Have our Aristotle waddling like a tortoise.
Standard deviation is the English way and so is rigor mortis.

Variety cheese and I'm down on my knees
'Cause I'm leaving this town for the ground and the trees.
You know I hate to conform but it pays the bills.
The spittle is dear when the vultures are near
And the life is a little like skittles and beer
And the fish is still warm as it flaps its gills.

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Copyright 1991 Zach London