Unferth's Challenge

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From "Beowulf: The Rock Opera"

Beowulf gave a hasty goodbye to his family and sailed Eastward with his best fighter. Before long, they arrived on the Danish shores, where they where they were warmly welcomed by the emaciated Hrothgar and all of his thanes. All of his thanes, that is, except one.

So bold on the shores of Bredning,
With our offerings of peace in hand,
And our welcome banners raised
And voices singing praise
For a hero from a distant land.
It's Beowulf the pride of Geatland,
And the pride of every noble man,
And if anyone can beat
Or easily defeat
The foul beast that hordes
The Hall of Danish Lords
He can.

Hrothgar are you blind or does your
Sickness make you act this odd
A foreign warrior
Has landed on your shore
And you're treating him as if he's God.
He's got his armour nice and shiny
And lips that promise Grendel's blood,
But never turn your back
On someone with an accent
Limit your domain
To people with a Danish mother

It's a fallacy to honor him like this
Catering this spy, it is apostasy,
I will not stand for it!
Besides, he's not a famous knight
He's hardly made a kill!
If our best warriors can't beat the beast
I don't see how he will.
Whoa, how he will.

Unferth, take it easy,
There isn't any cause to yell.

You want to be his pawn
By all means, carry on!
Maybe give the man your crown as well.

Look, If I could have a word here...

Take your stupid thanes and scram!


And if anyone objects
So severing their necks,
You can write our epitaph on Beowulf's behalf and

Anyway the only time I've heard his name
Is in conjunction with a swimming contest,
Which, I note, he lost!

If I could briefly interject...!


Wait a second, Unferth,
As your king I order you let Beowulf reply...

As you wish, my liege... Beowulf
Thank you.

Copyright 1993 Zach London