Foolish Things (Part 1)

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From "Sleepy Hollow: The Rock Opera"

Kat, dear, s'il vous plais
Help get our buffet
Set for tomorrow's affair.
Your friend Brom is here
Do invite him dear
I shan't interfere there
Ducks and geese are foolish things
But little girls can take care of themselves

Father when I'm dressed,
I shall do as you suggest
But meanwhile tell my guest
To be patient for just a bit Baltus:
Keep him entertained Yes of course
'Til I've met with Mr. Crane Anything you say
Though my lessons may detain me Wouldn't that be nice
A while I must admit.
Ducks and geese are foolish things
But father knows to do as he is told

(David Fernandes - drums
Lauren London - vocals
Josh Siegel - vocals
Molly Smith - flute
Evan Szu - violin)

Copyright 1997 Zach London