Edgar Elephant

Edgar Elephant woke up one morn
Limp, dejected and blue.
He said "I just want a can full of corn,
All this fresh corn won't do."

So Edgar packed all of his things in a sack
And kissed his family good-bye.
He caught a bus to the airport and back, (Oh, poor Edgar..)
He was too nervous to fly!

So Edgar took a train from his little nation
500 miles to Central Station.

Across the street, he encountered a snail
who was delivering post.
He shouted out "Hey, you with the mail," But the snail
was far too engrossed.

Edgar thought "Well, this is fine indeed,
These city folks won't pay me heed."

He journeyed on and ran into a lamb
who sold cars from a lot.
Edgar asked "Can I buy corn in a can" and the lamb said,
"I can only sell what I've got."

Edgar cried "I don't like your city ways,
Where I'm from, we respect the one who pays!"

Hey Edgar, don't be sad, don't let those eyes get wet,
Try and remember that elephants never forget!

He wandered on and saw a goat with one horn
That was caught in a flask.
The goat said something like "I won't share my corn,
So don't even bother to ask."

Edgar shouted, "Darn, I came so close."
The goat replied, "I'm bitter, old and gross."

Then Edgar noticed a duck in a van
Who was stealing antiques.
The elephant pleaded that "If you sell me this can,
I'll be happy for weeks!"

He bought an empty can and took it back.
Filled it with fresh corn and had his snack.

Hey Edgar, don't be sad, don't let those eyes get wet,
Try and remember elephants never forget.

So can in hand, in his homeland, Edgar knows
As long as he has his can, he can fill it with corn

(David Fernandes - co-author)

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Copyright 1996 Zach London