Dance Your Life Away

From "Who Dares Disturb My Slumber"

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Baby cries,
Mother turns her eyes
Radio's on and the curtains drawn.
Frozen fish,
Empty doggie dish
Feet start to tap and she's gone

Thoughtlessly she twirls
And leaves her world in disarray
Dance to flee
And dance your life away.

The sun is down
But he's still not around.
She tries at work, his machine's not on.
Far away
At the open mike ballet,
Leg-warmers on and he's gone.

Thoughtlessly he twirls
He'll see the kids another day.
Then one time,
You'll come home to find
You've danced your life away.

My love, we must be strong
Relinquish dancing while we can!
Hand in hand,
They make their final stand
And they're a family again.

(Lauren London - additional vocals)

Copyright 1998, 2010 Zach London