Reel It Back In

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Would you walk it back or reel it back in?
Your mouth has a leak
And no one can seal it
You released it, now re-leash the Kraken
Leash it, seal it
Reel it back in

If you bite your tongue
The world would feel it
Your foot in your mouth
So deep that you’re gagging
Cross the line until there’s no backtracking
Way too late to
Reel it back in

We who defy your
Verbal diarrhea
Say bye, you’re fired,
Go be a
Retiree, you’re
A liar, you’ll
Be a liar still,
But we’ll no longer see ya
That’s the entire idea
That’s the entire idea

How’d we get the brute from central casting?
Casting our votes,
We’re sending you packing
The pick is in and now you can’t appeal it
Hijack it, steal it,
Or hack it
Don’t you feel it?
Won’t you reel it back in?

Lauren London - vocals

Copyright 2020 Zach London