Very Special Squirrel

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Mother always said I’m gifted
I’m able, you’ll see
How the seat of power has shifted
Look who’s made V.P.

Check out all these fellas
Falling over in their jealousy
Lauding my potential until
I show propensity to lead

I’m a very special
Very special
Very special squirrel indeed, oh!

All we ever craved was freedom
To be dumb as sheep
Playing with the cards we’re born with
Just read ‘em and weep.

Though we’re all proponents
Of career success in rodents,
The fact is fluffy tails are
Distractions that our office doesn’t need

Do you think you’re special? (very special)
Very special (very special)
Very special squirrel indeed, Oh

Raw ambition’s unbecoming
Shouldn’t you be drumming up a nut to store?
Man, I’ve heard it all before
But they won’t bring me down
And they won’t subvert my claim
Every bird feeder’s fair game

Suddenly the fog has lifted
By fifty per cent
Mother always said I’m gifted
Is this what she meant?

Shattering the canopy of glass
Has brought of panoply
Of derision, yet I’m composed
And hold the power to succeed

I’m a very special (very special)
Very special (very special)
Very special squirrel indeed
Very special squirrel indeed
Ha ha ha ha
Special squirrel!

Lauren London - lead vocals

Copyright 2020 Zach London