Galens Sausage Fest

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At the University
We have a commitment to diversity
But not in Galens
Not in Galens
'Cause all the Honoraries are men
(Except for Stalburg).

I don't know how you elect us
But you haven't picked a single wench
'Cause it's a sausage fest
It's a sausage fest
Upon the Honorary bench

Yes, we are sexually homogenous
Though a couple of them are sort of androgynous
Well, that's on you guys
You're all misogynists
And you selected us
You sexist pigs

Since 1937, guess how many female Silver Shovel winners there have been Two.
And who is the party most directly responsible for perpetuating and propagating this chavanist glass ceiling agenda The med students. You.

Well, you've been kind enough to choose
A couple Asians and some Jews
But that does not excuse your bigotry
Well, maybe I'd expect this
From a med school in Texas
But the U of M's more sexist, as you see

So here's your call to action
When next year's vote concludes
Think ovarian
And please don't just pick dudes.

Copyright 2013 Zach London