Happy in My Neighborhood

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From "Vainglorious"

Good morning to the sidewalks and picket fences
Good day to the paperboy
Good morning to the hoi polloi
The morning is a Roman orgy for the senses
And everyone is happy in my neighborhood

Good morning to my accidentally pregnant neighbor
Don't think 11 weeks is still
In the window for the morning after pill
But running til you faint might bring on pre-term labor
Yes, everyone is happy in my neighborhood

What a beautiful day!
The sun is peeping over the horizon
Is that a new dress New shoes
But we 're not peeping we 're just supervising
The newlyweds upstairs are socializing
At such an angle I would say,
is rather compromising

Oh, are those weeds or flowers I can't tell.
Good morning to compulsive Mr. Stover
Before I leave I check the locks
And move the little red flag up, down, up, down, up, up, down, up
On his mailbox
If I get it wrong, back inside and start over
Yes, everyone is happy in our neighborhood

Ooh, tra-la-la-la-la-la-la!

Look around you
Not a face that looks fearful or tearful
Look around you
It's not a place that seems woeful or doleful
Look around you
Everyone is so joyful and so cheerful
Everyone is standing in their yard
All of us are smiling so darn hard

Good morning to the tumor in my neighbors torso
I haven't had to shave down there
Since starting on the chemother-air-air
It's sort of like a free bikini wax but moreso
And everyone is happy in our neighborhood
Everyone's happy in our neighborhood


Rebecca Biber - flute, additional vocals
Ellen Butler - featured townsperson
Matt Cameron - additional vocals
Kelly Clapp - additional vocals
Lauren London - featured townsperson

Nina Schwartz - additional vocals
Russ Schwartz - featured townsperson
Roy Sexton - featured townsperson

Copyright 2012 Zach London