The Lawyer

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From "Hrafnkel's Saga: The Rock Opera"

By now I guess you've heard about your cousin's murder today!

Uncle I have indeed
But I also heard that Hrafnkel
Offered compensation
But you turned it down
Why I can't tell
So if you intend to use the law to make him pay
Give up, you can't use me, he'll beat you anyway
So if that's all you have to say
I believe it's time you're on your way
I believe it's time you're on your

Wait! Oh, Sam can't you tell
When that axe killed Einar it fell awful close to your head as well!
Come on Sam just take the case
Just tell me that
You're on my side
What's the worst can happen
We'll look stupid but
At least we tried

Are you trying to say that if we lose it's still okay

Do it for me even if you think I'm crazy!

Looks like you'll have to have your way
All right I'll take the case, okay!
I'll work and you go home and pray
Let's make this sucker rue this day!

(Josh Siegel - vocals and lead guitar
Josh Kennedy - drums)

Copyright 1993 Zach London