The Confrontation

Harn you stand before me and my audience is yours,
But do it quick because I must perform my regal chores.
You may ask me anything,
But keep in mind that I'm the king
So don't try nothing tricky
'Cause there's guards outside the doors.

Pharoah, all you need to know,
You must let the Hebrew's go.
Even though my voice is weak,
God ordains you hear me speak.

Don't you try to threaten me you fiesty little hack,
If you talk to me that way then I won't give you jack!
I'm the ruler of these lands,
You dare deliver such demands
The Hebrew's blood's not on my hands,
So just get off my back!

Pharoah, you misunderstand.
Chosen people need a land.
If you don't loosen their restraints,
God will act on their complaints.

Harn, you dunce I told you once and still you carry on.
This God should show his face to me instead of just his pawn.
Why don't you stop hounding me,
I will not set your people free
I'll close my eyes and count to three
And then you'd best be gone!
One... two.... three!

(Mitch Rotter - co-author)
Copyright 1992 Zach London