The Annoying Circus

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C'mon, Salamander Crossing's coming on in fifteen minutes
(Sigh) Allright... I better pull over and get directions.
Right there... there's a Dunkin' Donuts
You're turn to go in
No... we'll both go in
Fine... Josh, you stay here

This popcorn tastes funny
Excuse me... do you know how to get to the Summerville... excuse me
That lady's hat is too big
and she's tugging on my shirt
I wish she'd make that baby shut up
Hey hey get off... this monkey's trying to steal my wallet!
He got your car keys!
He's wearing a mumu
No... no I don't want to smell your lapel!
What good is a lady with a beard
Stop squirting... oh great now my popcorn's all soggy
Hey look... those bears on unicycles are playing basketball
Now my popcorn tastes funny
Oh, c'mon!
Brick! My dead grandmother could have made that one
He's pressing pretty hard
That was all ball!
Shouldn't that be a rushing foul
Yeah, I know that goat's the worst ref I've ever seen.
You call that a....!

(David Fernandes - co-author, vocals)

Copyright 1995 Zach London