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From "Sleepy Hollow: The Rock Opera"

Hans Van Ripper:
There was a tavern near the port
On the Hudson that the farmers all knew
They tarried there so frequently
The district grew

So "Tarrytown" was founded
They liked the way it sounded

The bar in Tarrytown did too.

Young Griswald:
Now Sleepy Hollow was a
Quaint little valley half an hour from the town
The farmers say,
"This valley has the power to astound."

Parson Winkle:
For at first it had astounded
The seven men who found it

Well, seven if you round it down

Now every schoolboy takes it for granted
Sleepy Hollow's winding tracts are enchanted
There's a heavy venom in the air you can't ignore
Some call it superstition and so on
But there are paths even thieves wouldn't go on
The horseman sleeps, they say, but no one's sure

Ride Horseman
Steady course, and ready steed
Starched collar
Fresh gourd
Rank issue belt strap sword
On the edge of every
Nameless war
Where churchyards dive
And cry out for more
Ride Horseman, scourge of peripheral thought

(Jeff Falk - vocals
David Fernandes - drums
Tom Jackoboice - vocals
Lauren London - vocals
Jennifer Schetino - clarinet
Josh Siegel - vocals)

Copyright 1996 Zach London