Ragnarock's me Christian name,
But chums they call me Peas.
I was raised by a pack of nuns
They fed me rotten cheese.
My mum was a k-k-k-k-whore,
She married out of size.
Dad was dear.

You stink, you stinky stinky stink.
I hate you mum and dad.
I fink you really really stink
Since I was just a lad.
I was orphaned at the age of a,
The nuns they took me in.
I stoled fings.

I stink you finky finky fink,
I laid one in your bread.
I let the beddy bugs bite
Now smell me freaking leg.
Smell me mum!
Smell me forehead!

(Maury Loeb - co-author)

No recording available
Copyright 1992 Zach London