Pure Whimsy

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From "Chicken"

Have you ever sat upon a snake and drank the syrup from a lilypad
Then hopped upon the windmills from the shoulders of a golden daffydillypad
And have you ever slumbered afternoon dew
A game of hide the mushroom, then the mushroom finds you!
Just hum the ancient tune and we'll float you through

Have you ever twisted down the river in the hollow of a hollylog
Or dangled crumbled crumpets in the brook to help you catch a silver pollywog
And have you ever wondered why the acorn shines so
It's polished in the garden where the bumblepots grow!
A thistle on your brow, and away you go!

And away you go
And yet, you have not left the place where you now stand
A child no more,
A thousand voices call your name from all around you,
Take not but what you cherish most,
For your worldly possessions have no meaning here
They will be of no use to you on your journey
And soon, you too will discover
The things are not always what they seem in the land of Pure Whimsy!

Copyright 2000 Zach London