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From "Soft Taco"

I'm sorry we're not home
We can't come to the phone
'Cause we're an a capella group
And we're touring the third world!

We've been to Austria
We've been to Mozambique.
They liked our drums
And said our skits were real unique

Hey, why don't we give that one to Tony... he's the cute one!
Hey! I thought I was the cute one!

But we told them "Take a hike,"
'Cause they don't know what it's like
To be an a cappella group
Who's touring the third world.
So leave a message 'cause we're
Touring the third world!
Sorry we missed you 'cause we're
Touring the third world!
Or call back later 'cause we're
Touring the third world!

Copyright 1999 Zach London