Phase Shift

Divide the baby into thirds,
The granite queen implored of me.
But I, misspoken, spoke the words
That urged a thousand singing birds
To suicide in harmony.

And if the spiny angel cracks
And you can strain through her defense,
Just take a minute and relax
And pick yourself up off the tracks
And onto something more intense.

The dawn is breaking as the cattle truck pick-up boy pulls out
And all the cows are quite convinced -
It's gonna be different this time
And as the feeding frenzy clears the poison mist
The leper takes his place in line...

To phase shift around
Skyward glances inward bound
Relax, unfocus your sights.
Phase shift around
The game was up and you were down
But I wouldn't shake the hand that feeds me
But I'd feed the mouth that bites.

I clenched my voice against the wall
And silence squeezed the frozen brakes.
But it's this hush that caused my fall
And strained your eyes if you recall
And that's not all that silence breaks.

She picked the gun up off the floor,
Whispered down the phone and smiled,
But does it matter anymore
If it's become a child-like war
Or a warlike child.

And as the dust around the circle settled down to form a face
That laughed out loud, Oh can't you see -
Happy endings are cheaper than time
And all that's wrong is yours and all that's right is mine
And all that's left is left in line...

To phase shift around
Six guitars and not a sound
The canyon calls as I sing.
Phase shift around
And smiling as I hit the ground
'Cause I bet that must have stung
But I'm too young to feel a goddamn thing.

No recording available
Copyright 1992 Zach London