Pharoah's Decree

was sitting in my throne room this morning
And partaking of my flan,
And my concubines were feeding me grapes
And they were fanning me with their hands.

It was then that I noticed the multitude
Of Hebrews psasing by,
And I said to myself there's more of them
Than the stars up in the sky.

So I prayed to Ra and he said
We've got to kill the first-born Hebrew males,
'Cause you know they'll sieze the first chance at power
If our hierarchy fails.

So I grabbed my quill and parchment, baby,
And I wrote out this decree.
It says the newborn Hebrew males will be slaughtered
So a slave revolt will never be!

(Maury Loeb - co-author
Mitch Rotter - co-author)

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Copyright 1993 Zach London