It's Funny, You and Me

Vlad: It's funny, you and me.
Lisa: What's funny, Vlad
Vlad: You know... people. I don't know, Lisa. I mean, a year ago, I never thought I would ever meet a girl like you... (pause)... Lisa
Lisa: Yes, Vlad
Vlad: Oh, nothing. (Pause) Lisa
Lisa: Yes, Vlad
Vlad: Do you want to...
Lisa: Oh, yes, Vlad!

But she's not even pure Proletariat!
Can I spurn mother Russia for this
My resemblance to Judas Iscariat
Grows with each kiss...

Lisa, I think that I love you!
Or is it Russia that I love
Lisa, I've been dreaming of you!
Or is it Marx I'm dreaming of

Now the Cold War's over,
We can be together!
We'll build a house somewhere in Maine
And give the dog a Russian name
I'm so overjoyed, I can't explain!

(Jeff Bercovici - co-author)

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Copyright 1994 Zach London