I Rock About You

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From "Black Bean"

She tip-toes like a cat on the mantle,
Poised like a fly on the wall,
But when rock and roll knocks
She's a jack-in-the-box
And she'll blow your speakers off of the wall.

So plant your pretty boys in the spotlight,
Hit the smoke and lay down the groove,
But you'll never get far
Without her on guitar
If you want to make the stadium move!

My baby's so extreme,
I raise my fist and scream
That it's true...
I rock about you!

She's a needle plunging into the red line
A stampede of runaway trains.
She's the coin in the slot
She's the juice in the shot
Pumps the rock right into my veins.

She's a piledriver in a tornado
Cities burn whenever she comes
'Cause she rips up the roads
When her cannon explodes
In tidal wave of lipstick and drums.

My baby's is so extreme,
I hit 'record' and scream
That it's true...
I rock about you!

Copyright 2000 Zach London