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From "There, There"

Ive taken my posterior
From Moscow to Siberia
Theyd never seen superior display
Entire house of Romanov
Have seen me with my trousers off
I gave to them more gems than Faberge
I moon for Pope
Same as for sweeper of chimney
This tool of social justice
I shall now reveal to you
I moon you!
I moon moon moon
You have leave me no choice!
I moon you!
I moon you!
I moon moon moon
And then I shall rejoice!
In Minsk we'll stage our new routine
With moons the world has never seen
And each more moving and obscene than last
This one's called Nadia, My Love
And one called, The Drunken Slav
And one called Da Svi Donya, Kiss My Ass!
My butt it can
Convey a thousand emotions
It played the part of Uncle Vanya in
Chekhovs Kiev debut
Now I moon you!
I moon moon moon
I moon because I care
I moon you!
I moon you!
I moon moon moon
God gave me this to share!
I bring them to hysteria
From Moscow to Siberia
For no one's ass is hairier than mine
So raise your vodka
Raise your gin
Let's all get two cheeks to the wind
Let's see those hot pierogies at the bottom of your spine
Now I moon you!
For I am Vitaly Pisetsky Stanislav Belka Vlovenovich
And I moon kings
And I moon mail-order brides
I moon lady in front row
And I moon man in back
Fat man with funny hat.
I moon all of you!
I have to drop trou right now or I will explode
My God, I moon you so hard!
Moon because no choice!
(Carl Berg - additional vocals
Jon Greenlee - drums
Josh Siegel - additional vocals)
Copyright 2006 Zach London