Good Evening and Goodnight

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From "Beowulf: The Rock Opera"

Narrator: Meanwhile, outside, a lone figure stalked the moors. It was Grendel, the ogre-bear. A gigantic furry monster, as hideously deformed as he was vile. His monstrous form sulked up to the window of Heorot and peered in enviously.

Another night of feasting ends.
Friends lie down to sleep with friends.

But I know not the joys of being in the crowd.
To dance and eat and sing, and laugh and drink out loud.
But the cookie jars of monsters are the Heorots of men
If they would share their mead hall I would gladly share my fen,
Share my fen...

But humans can't be seen with me.
They'd rather kill my family.

They've kicked me in the rain for fifty zillion years,
Told their kids to spit on me and poke at me with spears!
But now the time has come to rise up from the mud.
If I can't drink their mead, I'll drink their greedy blood.

It's not wrong to kill evil.
It's only natural that I'd be bloodthirsty in a bloodthirsty world.
I'm sick of being on the outside, looking in.
It's time for them to feel the wrath... of GRENDEL!

Good evening, Heorot,
Good evening and good night!
I hope you don't mind
If I drop in for a bite.
Hrothgar says this hall is yours
For everything you've done for him
And similarly I've come to him
To pay his thanes for what they've done to me...
What they've done to me...
What they've done to me...

(Jeremy Dubin - vocals
Jon Greenlee - drums, bass, lead guitar)

Copyright 1993 Zach London