Frankenstein Overture

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From "Ground Beef"

To Ingoldstat Victor went,
His soul ripe with dreams.
Natural Science would bring him glory.
But humankind wasn't ready it seems.

He read the works of Agrippa,
Formulated his plan.
With cadavers and a spark
He would fashion a man.

But the man became a monster,
Hideous progeny denied.
The wretch's face his worst enemy,
All his hatred justified.

Victor Frankenstein!
Something's torked in your head.
You've been trying to raise the dead.
What spawned this obsession

To the lab you tread,
Blinded by bloodshed.
Way too much dissection!

Across the frozen wasteland,
Motivated by his anger,
The creature wandered blindly
In search of his creator.

At the peak of Montavert
Met the troubled nemeses.
The creature said, "Make me a woman!"
But this request Victor could not please.

]Woah Frankenstein!
Your cousin you will wed.
What a foxy redhead.
Disturbing misdirection!

The ancients you've misread.
Now you hope your beast drops dead.
Should've used more discretion!

Brother, wife, friend, and neighbor
All victims of the creature's wrath.
Fair Elizabeth was the last straw
That broke livid Vic's back.

The predatory scheme inverted,
As Frankenstein followed the fiend.
Near the North Pole the pursuit closed,
Where Walton and his crew intervened.

On the ship Victor breathed his last breath.
But to Walton his tale was told.
The monster burned on a pyre.
Now the story will unfold.

Hey Frankenstein!
Yourself you've mislead,
You're crazy in the head
Created life instead
Of God!

You're laying on your deathbed.
Still buy the things you've said
Or is it self deception
The ancients you've misread
Obsessed with trying to raise the dead
Yeah, or is it self deception,

(Lyrics and most music by Ty Morse and Justin Perkinson)

Copyright 2001