Fizzlewinch (The Measure of a Spy)

Picking through security with the disk cache
A little whiff of this will keep the dogs at bay
Passports, passcards, passwords, all pass
I'm Fizzlewinch the needle and the world's my hay
Hey hey
The political battering ram's the skeleton key of the exiled son
But I'm much too discreet
To dump my garbage in the street
For anyone

Some agents spell reconnaissance with the flashcard inch
But gilded egos glittering make the cameras flinch
Crack surveilance systems thats a cinch
But everything is simple when you're...
Fizzlewinch they say you'll get the princess if you stay in line
But I will not be pacified 'til all the world is classified and mine
Mind the watch and they won't protest
Scratch the notch and erase the rest
The slaying of giants cut down to a science possessed

So bask in your technology as the new frontier
The glass is always greener in the one way mirror
'Cause the measure of a spy's
In proportion to the eyes who've seen his face

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Copyright 1994 Zach London