Don't Tread

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From "Sleepy Hollow: The Rock Opera"

Mr. Bones, good to see
The flies that precede you
Sadly, Katrina regrets
We shan't need you.

Don't tread,
You're over your head
If our little miss lied
Then you were misled.
But you don't want my patience tried
So don't tread on me!

Katrina implied surely we are to wed
You can't win, or even narrow the spread
Tools like you should be left in the shed
Mark my word, you'd do best not not to tread on me!

Your hands smell like feet
Your breath is a weapon
What did you eat
Or what did you step in
Brom, I don't see how you could expect
To win her sympathy, let alone her respect
Without a drive besides
Getting even and getting wrecked so don't tread on me.

(David Fernandes - drums and additional percussion
Evan Szu - violin
Ivan Watson - vocals)

Copyright 1997 Zach London