Did You Hear That

Did you hear that
Did you hear that
Red lights are a-flashin', sirens start to blare.
Marching to our deaths, do we even have a prayer
Should we try to fight them Is there any way to flee
We'll fight and die, we have to try to end their tyranny.

Did you hear that
All men to your stations, you know what to do.
Sacrifice your life over a dream that must come true.
They're blasting through the doorway, we have to stand our ground.
We must defend the princess so the plans cannot be found!

Did you hear that, Imperial guards
The Princess is here, we must take her unharmed.
The rebels are tough, they won't give us the plans
But I think that they'll talk with the girl on our hands.

Vader, I should have known that only you would be
Bold enough to raid a ship marked for diplomacy.
Just you wait until the Senate hears what you have done...
We are on a counselor mission bound for Alderon!

Spare me your objections, I don't want to hear your lies.
You're part of a rebellion, you're a traitor and a spy.
You were beamed transmissions containing secret plans
We want them back and we won't rest until they're in our hands!

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Copyright 1991 Zach London