Blankety Blank

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Holding on with cheeks puffed out and face turning blue,
Tried exfoliating, but I've got you sub q
We had a fall
We had a falling out party in the street
Your friends and loved ones beamed
The dance was shipwreck-themed
And the ghost of Gordon Lightfoot
Sang O Canada, Our Home
When I pretend I'm resigned
Not violence nor eyelash batting will change my mind

Wasting staples, staples curling up like dead bugs
Don't be such a blankety blank, the Oracle shrugs
I've got a monopoly on irons in the fire
But I can't screw up my nerve
So I get what I deserve
In the litmus paper shadow
Of the Palmer House Hotel
There I pretend I'm resigned
And not violence nor eyelash batting will change my mind

(Greg Kutcher - electric guitar
Lauren London - additional backup vocals
Russell Schwartz - additional backup vocals
Geoffroy Sisk - lead vocals)

Copyright 2009 Zach London