Beowulf's Reply

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From "Beowulf: The Rock Opera"

You've raised your objections, fine.
Now I'd appreciate if you'd hear mine.
I can tell you're all impatient so I'll keep this short
As a friendly emissary of the Geatland court,
I've been called upon for battle as a last resort,
But your men just sit around and whine!

They whine!
They whine!
They sit around and whine!

Now to make my credentials known:
I'm the heir to the Geatland throne.
I was born with the brains of a hundred men
I can eat five cows, I can bench 310
I can bite through steel every now and then,
But usually just through stone.

Through stone!
Through stone!
He usually bites through stone!

What upsets me is just this...
Hearing Unferth boo and hiss.
From a guy with a flair for losing fights,
He's afraid of cats and afraid of heights,
He's addressed as "sir" though he's dressed in tights
He's the prince of cowardice!

Why you...!

He's pissed!
He's pissed!
Now Unferth's really -

Unferth: Shut up! All of you... Okay, Beowulf, you want to prove yourself We'll see how you do tonight against GRENDEL!

Narrator: So Beowulf took his thanes and went into the sleeping quarters of Heorot. He took off his armor and put aside his weapons. He would not use them. The whole kingdom of Denmark held its breath as Beowulf and his fourteen thanes went to sleep.

(Tom Sebanc - drums
Jon Greenlee - vocals, additional instruments
Chuck Walker - vocals)

Copyright 1993 Zach London