A Night Like This

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From "Sleepy Hollow: The Rock Opera"

A night like this, the mist
Could swallow you whole
The face of this abyss
Is blacker than coal.
Nights like this the demons prowl.

Dame Hedrick:
Witches emerge, converge,
And brandish their brooms.

The long demised, arise,
Deserting their tombs.

Witches you say Okay,
As sure as you speak
I shouldn't get upset
And yet I feel weak
I know he's there, somewhere
The master of them all...

Ichabod and Townspeople:
Ride Horseman
Steady course and ready steed
Black saddle, black cloak
Stained breath of
Frost and smoke
In the blood of every soldier slain
Where shadows scream to the devil's strain
Ride Horseman
Scourge of peripheral thought.

A night like this
Simple charms might thaw resolve
A night like this
Inclinations might revolve
Katrina could I have a word with you...

(Anne Fentress - vocals
David Fernandes - drums
Lauren London - vocals
Mike Scherling - vocals
Josh Siegel - vocals)

Copyright 1997 Zach London