Tender is the Heart

Tender is the Heart


Tender is the Heart 2003


  • Break Out
  • The Loser's Union
  • The Shag Patch
  • Unemployment Line
  • Ruse
  • Pottymouth
  • No Joy in Mudville
  • Kid Fingers
  • The Mermule
  • #1 Stepdad
  • Hunger Strike
    (12-21: "Strains of Love, Vol 1")

  • Tender Is the Heart
  • Make Way for Love
  • Don't Do That to My Heart
  • Let's Talk About Feelings
  • Love Is (All You Need)
  • I Never Met a Woman
  • Penelope
  • Waiting for Your Love to Grow
  • Fine Looking Fat Man
  • DreamStar

You people have often berated me for not writing more love songs. I would like to thank you for teaching me a lesson. You couldn't be more right! As it turns out, 1) There is nothing greater than love, and 2) Music without love is worthless crap! To prove this assertion, I worked for a whole year to write ten of the most deeply personal love songs ever and put them on the new Hard Taco album. If your very soul has ever ached from the suffocating embrace of true love, you will certainly relate to such favorites as "Let's Talk About Feelings," "Don't Do That to My Heart," or "I Never Met a Woman (Like the One I've Met in You)." Everyone will find something to yearn along with in this collection.