Approach Approach Conflict

Approach Approach Conflict


Approach Approach Conflict 2010


  • Sweet Tooth Trollop
  • Denmark Needs Rock Stars
  • For North Carolina and the Others
  • Muscle Memory
  • Alpha Mom
  • Poof (Are You Unna Dance)
  • Roughhousing Robots
  • Blankety Blank
  • The Quincy Steam Hoist
  • Suds
  • Backup Torch Song
  • A Life of Crime
  • The Old Tongue
You're going to need this: ( )
It's an electronic representation of an opposing thumb and index finger, ready to pinch you. Why do you need electronic pinching Because there is a glistening new Hard Taco album, Approach Approach Conflict," and nothing could be dreamier.
The President of the United States has already released this statement:

"Holla, fellow Americans. At this time I wish I was in a deep coma, so I could finally listen to Hard Taco's Approach Approach Conflict 24 hours a day without missing state dinners. I only regret that strangling all nine Supreme Court justices won't free up enough seats to appoint all the marvelous musicians who played on this album. Somebody e-pinch me!"