The Hard Taco Project
is a Simple Concept

I will write and record one song a month,
every month, until I am dead

I have been doing this since
1993 and so far my health is good.

Hard Taco Radio

The Zach London Studio Recording Project

One Nice Thing About Each Michigan Corporation

Dear Friends,

A major ice storm hit southeast Michigan last week. Like most Ann Arborites, our home was bereft of electricity for several days. With my self-imposed song release schedule in jeopardy, I had an important decision to make: Do I postpone recording until DTE, our energy company, repairs the power lines? Or do I record the song on a hand-cranked electricity-free Edison wax cylinder phonograph? 

By the second day of the blackout, the decision had been made for me. Home Depot was completely out of hand-cranked Edison wax cylinder phonographs. Everyone else in town must have had the same idea.

The power came back on Friday night. Phew! DTE used to be called the Detroit Edison Company, so in a way, it was still Thomas Edison who saved the day for me, and provided for this month's Hard Taco song, "Explain It To Me Like I'm Fievel."

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