The Zach London Studio Recording Project

Fortress Party 2015-2017

Dear Friends,

The Hard Taco song for January started out as "Sexy with a Little Naughty," but ended up as "The Mighty Gar."

Why the name change? I keep a library of song ideas in the Voice Memos app on my phone. When I come up with a riff, a chord progression, or a melody, I force myself to record it immediately, even if I'm in the car or the bathroom. If I don't, it will be forgotten forever. The iPhone automatically calls them "New Recording," but I use speech-to-text to rename them. These are ideas in their infancy, and I have no idea what the song will end up being about, so I give them a name that describes the musical idea, like "Swingy thing in A" or "Folk chords that sound like the Decemberists," When the phone autocorrects these to "So anything no way" and "Fuck horse to sound like a summer wrists," I just keep those as working titles.

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